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Horton Oil Tools LLC is dedicated to inventing new tools for the oilfield that increase productivity, reduce cycle time and save money.

Horton Oil Tools LLC ("HOT") was founded in 2014 by Ben Horton and John Tyson and is based in Bastrop, Texas.

The Team

Ben Horton, President
Ben is the inventor of the Dual Flow Valve, which allows for more efficient hydrostatic testing. He was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corpos and is an Iraq War Veteran. He is also a superintendent at BCS Construction.

John Tyson, Executive Vice President
John is an attorney in a private practice licensed in both New York and Texas since 1997. He is a former ACE Cash Express franchisee.

How many gallons of water do you pump per test?


HOT's Dual Flow Valve would allow for a faster fill process and less wear and tear on the high pressure, low volume pump, by enabling the installation of a second water pump on the test trailer.
The Dual Flow Valve gives operators an edge over their competitors as they will be able to conduct hydrostatic tests more quickly as fill time will be reduced. In addition to a reduced maintenance expense and reduced wear and tear on the high pressure, low volume pump.
The valve is designed to allow the low pressure, high volume pump to fill the vessel, and then allow the high pressure, low volume pump to conduct the actual hydrostatic test, with only one hose from the Dual Flow Valve to the well.
Currently, most hydrostatic test trailers are built with one high pressure, low volume water pump. In order to prepare the well for testing, operators use the high pressure, low volume pump to fill the well with water. With the Dual Flow Valve, testing time is increased nearly 8x.

A More Efficient Process

Horton Oil Tools are designed to build efficiency while minimizing the wear and tear of your equipment.

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